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Wal-Mart Offers Superman Returns DVD/Download Bundle

Consumers can purchase the physical DVD and download in one shot!

Evan Jacobs

Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition Has a Bumpy First Flight

Warner Bros. issues a statement regarding missing assets.

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CONTEST: Win Superman Returns On DVD!

We're giving away the film that reinvigorated the franchise!

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Watch the First Clip from Spider-Man 3!

Sam Raimi, Tobey Macguire and Kirsten Dunst talk about the film!

Brian B.

International Spider-Man 3 Poster?

Get a peak at yet another Spider-man 3 poster!

Brian B.

First Look at Two Brand New Spider-Man 3 Posters!

'The Battle Within' comes to theaters May 4th, 2007.

The Dark Knight Release Date Set for July 18, 2008

The sequel to Batman Begins starring Christian Bale.

Watch the New Spider-Man 3 Trailer Right Now!

MovieWeb and iFilm serve up your first look at the exclusive new trailer.

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Bryan Singer Begins Planning Superman Returns Sequel

Has also been approached to direct the next X-Men movie.

Two-and-a-Half Minute Spider-Man 3 Trailer Premieres Thursday Night

Airing on television, cable and 14 website at ~10:00pm (EST) tomorrow!

Heath Ledger Talks About Playing The Joker in The Dark Knight

In his upcoming role in the Batman Returns sequel, The Dark Knight

New Spider-Man 3 Trailer Premieres Online On Thursday

We'll provide the URL now, but you can't see the video for a few days ;)

Fox to Air 3 'A-List' Movies Thanksgiving Weekend

Cheaper By the Dozen, Spider-Man 2 and Bruce Almighty Nov. 22, 23 and 24.

Brandon Routh Says Superman Is Ready to Fight in Superman Returns 2

"I'm excited to see what happens, where the characters are going to go..."

Brian B.

Fox to Release X-Men: The Last Stand On Blu-ray Disc November 17

Disc to be Fox's first title to contain 100% high definition content.

Evan Jacobs

Bryan Singer Signs On for Superman Returns 2

Brandon Routh will return for the sequel due Summer 2009.

Producer Grant Curtis Talks Spider-man 3

The current status of the visual effects of the film as well as the upcoming 'making of' book.

Brian B.

Terrence Howard is Officially Cast in Iron Man

Will play Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes, the confidante of Iron Man's alter ego, Tony Stark.

X-Men 3 Sells 2.6 Million Units it's First Day in Stores

The Little Mermaid Special Edition sells 1.6 million units.

Evan Jacobs

More Superman Returns DVD Specs

We have the complete breakdown of the upcoming release!

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