Despite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson working on a Black Adam movie since way back in 2008, there has not been a lot of story details confirmed so far. Well, a new piece of fan art depicts what things could look like should Johnson's anti-hero ever meet Henry Cavill's Man of Steel. Needless to say, things do not look good for Black Adam.

The hugely talented digital artist Bosslogic has once again provided fans with another stunning piece of artwork, this time pitting Superman against Black Adam in a superhero battle that many fans hope will one day make its way to the silver screen. The destruction surrounding the two characters is reminiscent of the fallout that occurred during the final act of 2013's Man of Steel when Supes took on Michael Shannon's villainous General Zod. The super-powered pair threw caution to the wind, disregarded the thousands of civilians, and leveled most of Metropolis in their quest to punch each other into oblivion. This artwork teases a similar sequence of events, with Black Adam having clearly been thrown to the ground with some force by the Man of Tomorrow.

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Both characters though look to be in pretty rough shape, with Henry Cavill's indestructible suit showing some severe wear and tear at the hands of Black Adam. With the two characters possessing similar power levels, a battle between them would be epically brutal and is absolutely something that DC fans want to see on the big screen.

Though plot details are thin on the ground, Johnson has previously confirmed that Black Adam will introduce the Justice Society, with the heroes Stargirl and Hawkman reportedly set to make an appearance. The solo movie will likely begin production in either August or September after being pushed back a few months due to the ongoing global situation.

With the news breaking recently that Henry Cavill is in talks to return to the DCEU as the Man of Steel, it is very possible that the iconic character could make an appearance in Black Adam. While the actor hasn't been confirmed for a specific movie in the DCEU by Warner Bros., rumors persist that Cavill's Superman will make cameos in other DC movies, one of which could be Black Adam. Though it is unlikely that the two of them will square off to such an extent that they leave a destroyed city in their wake.

While we still don't really even know what the Black Adam movie will be about, it is likely that it will act as an origin story for the character and how he obtained his powers. There are also expectations that the movie will be a sort of prequel to Shazam!, as the characters share many similarities and, of course, become archenemies later on down the line. There are many who are hoping that Black Adam will become the DC Universe's new big-bad, and will cross paths not only with Billy Batson, but with the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. This comes to us courtesy of Bosslogic.

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