Henry Cavill is going to make his return as Superman in Justice League come November 17, but it has yet to be revealed as to exactly how that is going to happen. Despite that, he is indeed going to be in the movie and it looks like he is going to be bringing some new threads with him. If some new toys that have made their way online are any indication, it looks like we could see Superman rocking his famous black suit in Justice League.

An image of some upcoming Mattel action figures for Justice League has made the rounds on Reddit recently. The image features headshots of the major characters from the movie and their upcoming action figures. At the bottom right, we see Superman in a black suit. Granted, toys don't always depict screen-accurate versions of character costumes,. When Batman V Superman came out, there was an action figure of Jason Momoa's Aquaman rocking the iconic orange and green suit. That definitely wasn't in the movie. But since this isn't the first we've heard of the black Superman suit making an appearance in the movie, this isn't that hard to believe. This may serve as confirmation that the iconic super suit is going to be in the movie which would surely please a whole lot of DC fans.

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Last year, Henry Cavill took to Instagram to do some of his regularly scheduled teasing. But this one was a bit more revealing than his usual shenanigans. The picture featured a very close up shot of a black suit and because it was so close up, not much could be seen. But DC fans were quick to put the pieces of the puzzle together and discern that the image was of the black Superman suit from the Death and Return of Superman comic book storyline.

The Death and Return of Superman is one of the most famous comic book stories of all-time, which Zack Snyder very loosely and only partially adapted in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Superman is dead, but his return in Justice League is happening, we just haven't figured out how yet. In the DC Comics storyline, upon his return, Superman sports a black suit, which was a pretty big deal because people were so used to the famous blue and red look. Not only that, but the hero was featured with long, jet black hair, which was quite different from the classic Superman clean cut look.

Joss Whedon has reportedly done quite a bit of additional work on Justice League after stepping in for Zack Snyder, so a lot of things may have changed in the process. It has been said that Snyder's original vision will be executed, so if he wanted the black suit in the movie, odds are, we are going to see the black suit in the movie. And that would also likely serve as a massive plot point and would be pretty difficult to change, even if Whedon wanted to. And there is no indication of that being the case anyway. Point being, while we can't say definitively, bet your money on the black Superman suit being in Justice League. You can check out the image for yourself below.