Justice League has wrapped shooting in the U.K. and director Zack Snyder recently shared a behind-the-scenes video showcasing a ton of action from the set of the movie. Spoilers for anyone who didn't see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Superman died fighting Doomsday in that movie. However, this video proves he is very much alive in Justice League. Also, he seems to rocking his black suit.

Zack Snyder posted the video to his Twitter account earlier today and there is a lot going on it. Those who watched the video closely will probably have noticed that Henry Cavill was on set in his traditional Superman suit, meaning he is definitely coming back to life in Justice League, which we pretty much already assumed. What is more interesting is that in another shot from the video, it looks like Superman will indeed be rocking his black suit from the comics. We reported a couple of months ago that Henry Cavill had teased the famous black suit on his Instagram and this may be our first look at the suit in action.

At around the 44-second mark, we see a black costumed figure making a very heroic jump from one platform to another with a whole bunch of green screen in the background. While it is difficult to say with certainty, it very much appears to be Superman in his black costume. Some might argue that this is Batman, but the give away is that Batman is seen wearing gloves in every other scene included here, even when unmasked. Also, there are a numberof shots with Batman in a similiar pose, and he is always seen jumping down. This gloveless characrer is seen going up. Die-hard fans of the DC Comics world know that the black suit has some significance in Superman's history and it makes perfect sense that Zack Snyder would include it in Justice League, since they are bringing Superman back to life.

The famed black suit was originally featured in The Death and Return of Superman comic book storyline, which is one of the most famous comic book stories of all-time. Zack Snyder loosely adapted parts of the story in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, in that he killed Superman. But it looks like he will be adapting the "return"part in Justice League which is why using the black suit would be appropriate. In the Death and Return of Superman storyline, upon his return, Superman sported a black suit, which was a pretty big deal, because people were very accustomed to the blue suit and red underwear look. Not only that, but the hero was featured with long, jet black hair, which was quite different from the classic Superman look. Even if he changes the story significantly, this will serve as a huge bit of visual fan service, which Zack Snyder is known to work into his movies.

Justice League has not yet wrapped filming entirely, but this video gives us a look at just how much has been shot and how action packed the movie will be. There are plenty of other shots that raise questions and interest, like one of Zack Snyder looking at a black figure in a monitor. It is very difficult to tell, but it could either be a hunched up Batman or some kind of monster. Either way, there is a lot going on here, even though it isn't an actual trailer.

Justice League is set for release on November 17, 2017. We now know for sure that Superman is back and it looks like we are going to get to see the black suit in action. Be sure to check out the set video as well as some screen grabs for yourself below, giving a better look at what we think is Superman's black suit.

Superman Black Suit 1
Superman Black Suit 2
Superman Black Suit 3