For multiple generations, Christopher Reeve is the one and only live-action Superman, just like Hugh Jackman is Wolverine or Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. But Henry Cavill still managed to put his own distinctive mark on the Last Son of Krypton, complete with a reimagined uniform. User zerologhy took to Instagram to post a picture of Reeve in Cavill's new super-suit, and the results are quite impressive.

The poster sees Christopher Reeve swapping out his bright blue, vibrant suit in favor of the muted colors of Cavill's super suit. Both uniforms have a similar origin. Whereas in the comics, Superman's suit was traditionally created on Earth, either by Clark Kent himself or his mother, the live-action movies had Kal El discover his suit after a visit to his fortress of solitude in the arctic.

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Cavill's suit was much more futuristic in design, appearing almost like a body armor or space suit, complete with the sign of the House of El emblazoned across the chest and a cape because... well, because it looks cool. The colors of the suit are deeply muted, in keeping with its design in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. By the time Justice League came around, the suit had been made more colorful and vibrant in keeping with Reeve's original suit, and the implication that the newly resurrected Superman is a more hopeful version of his former self.

Suiting the hints of doom and gloom that Zack Snyder's Superman became notorious for, this new avatar of Christopher Reeve as Superman is missing his trademark sunny smile. Instead, he is standing seriously in the midst of utter destruction, with the Daily Planet building's globe lying trashed on the ground behind him. This could be hinting at Zod's arrival on Earth, and his battle with Superman that reduced half of Metropolis to rubble.

Both Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve have their own followings when it comes to their interpretations of DC Comic's flagship character. Some believe Reeve's optimism defines Superman, while others maintain that Cavill's conflicted take on the character is more realistic.

Whichever side of the argument you fall on, no one can deny that both actors gave their all to the role, and their sincerity was clearly apparent in their portrayal of Kal El. But despite their best efforts, neither of the two could save Superman from the curse of badly made films. For Reeve, that film was Superman IV: Quest for Peace, while for Cavill, that film was Justice League.

It is not yet clear whether Cavill will continue to play Superman or be replaced in upcoming films. While the actor has maintained that he is not done with the character yet, it is looking more and more likely that Warner Bros. is aiming to reboot their DC franchises with new actors. Ben Affleck has already been replaced by Robert Pattinson, while Cavill is going to be tied up for the next few years with the Witcher series. At least fans will always have Man of Steel to remember him by.