Henry Cavill quickly changed the subject when asked about a new Superman contract with Warner Bros. The actor is out promoting Netflix's Enola Holmes, which he stars in alongside Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. There have been a lot of rumors swirling lately about Cavill returning to the DC Universe as the Man of Steel, but that isn't exactly something new. However, Cavill's answer to a recent question in regard to the situation seems a bit peculiar.

After years of saying he would like to return for a possible Man of Steel 2, it has been heavily rumored that Henry Cavill has signed a new deal with Warner Bros. to bring his version of Superman back for three projects. It has yet to be officially confirmed, but Cavill was asked about it in a new interview. "Well, I think it's important that this should be about Enola Holmes," Cavill said when asked about the subject. However, his answer comes after he went on at great length about building a gaming PC, painting Warhammer figures while on lockdown, and the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Cavill was then asked if his response actually meant, "no comment," but the actor grinned and replied, "I said what I said."

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After being so open about a variety of other subjects, it seems strange that Henry Cavill would not comment on a possible new deal with Warner Bros. With that being said, he is out there to currently promote Netflix's Enola Holmes, which has been getting rave reviews from viewers. Cavill recently announced that he will not be going back to shoot additional footage with Zack Snyder for Justice League, despite earlier reporting stating that he was. He says, "They are doing their own thing out there, putting the movie together from the footage they shot." When asked if he has spoken to Snyder about coming back, Cavil says, "I've not been in comms with them about it."

Henry Cavill has spoken at great length in the past about where he would like to see his version of Superman go in the future. He said, "Where we left off with Man of Steel, in particular, was the guy who had found his place, or was trying to find his place but had sort of found it by the end..." Cavill went on and noted, "Him exploring the positivity of who he is... That character who becomes an icon of hope and enjoying that experience rather than necessarily being made uncomfortable by it."

For now, it seems that there are no plans for Henry Cavil to get involved with the Snyder Cut of Justice League, though stranger things have happened. Nobody ever though that Warner Bros. would come back to Snyder and give him another $70 million to complete his original version of the movie either. As for a possible return to the DC Universe, Cavil is keeping his lips sealed for now. You can read the rest of the interview with Cavil over at GQ U.K.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick