Superman casting rumors are going to keep coming until an official announcement is made whether you like it or not, and the latest one is certainly from left field. Though Joe Manganiello seems to be the smartest choice to play the son of Jor-El thus far, Movienewz is reporting that Zack Snyder wants his former Watchmen star Matthew Goode to play Clark Kent.

Despite being British (hey, that didn't stop Andrew Garfield from winning the coveted role of New York born and breed Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2.0), Goode looks the part of Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. And the duality he expressed in bringing Watchmen superhero Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt to life is certainly essential in carrying the dual personality of Superman/Clark Kent to the screen. But his physique isn't up to Superman's costumed-body standards. That is not a concern of Snyder's, who, according to this particular account, is going to render Superman's muscular body in CGI, ala The Green Lantern.

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Having Superman be a CG enhanced character certainly gives the casting director a wider birth in choosing who'll next wear that S on their chest, but is it what the fans want? Or are we being led to another disappointing installment of the franchise in-line with Superman Returns? This news has in no way been verified by official sources, but it is known that Snyder likes to work with actors that he has enjoyed directing in the past, and Matthew Goode is someone who got along well with Zack's "enthusiastic" approach to movie making.

Casting Matthew Goode as the Man of Steel sounds about as plausible as casting John Cena, but you never know what is going to happen in Hollywood. We'll be sure to alert you as soon as a new Clark Kent is officially announced (we're personally betting on Joe Manganiello).