Director Zack Snyder is currently prepping his highly-anticipated Superman adventure, which will start filming sometime this summer. Although Henry Cavill is in place as the Man of Steel, and Amy Adams will play Lois Lane, details have been scant on who the villain might be, until now.

It seems the Superman's nemesis Metallo could be the main villain in this new adventure, with Lois Lane's father, General Sam Lane, set to play an integral part as well. Here's what an insider said below, which uncovers plot details in Superman.

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"General Sam Lane, the father of Lois Lane, is a central figure in director Zack Snyder's Superman reboot. This really is as Zack described in several interviews about the film, a "real world" Superman. I'm told that when Superman arrives on the scene; people don't know what to think. He's an alien from another planet. What are his real intentions? He's not human and that scares a lot of people. Here's a guy who can fly, see through walls, is bullet proof and can lift a tank. The military views him as a potential threat to national security. They find kryptonite, pieces of his home planet, and discover its radioactive elements can be harnessed as a near unlimited source of power, both literally and figuratively. It's a brand new form of energy that is secretly developed by the government. The military, under the direction of General Sam Lane, uses kryptonite to power an experimental cyborg super solider named Metallo. He's ultimately exploited as a weapon against Superman."

If this information is correct, it will be the first time the Metallo character has appeared on film, although the character has appeared in multiple TV variations. Brian Austin Green last played a version of the character on Smallville.

The story for Superman is also said to be an origin story, although it will bear, "little resemblance to Richard Donner's 1978 'Superman: The Movie' and its sequels."

In other Superman news, Lindsay Lohan will reportedly read for a role in this superhero reboot. However, this news seems to contradict the previous report above, since it is said that her character will be connected to Lex Luthor. Here's what a source close to the actress had to say.

"Lindsay plans to return from New York on Wednesday and meet with producers and read with an actor who is up for the role of Lex Luthor."

It seems the producers are interested in Lindsay Lohan to play a villain. There has been plenty of Superman villain news as of late, with actors such as Michael Shannon and Édgar Ramírez also mentioned to play the unknown nemesis of Superman.

At this time, this should all be read as nothing but rumor.