Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has been posting a lot of material on social media over the last several months, offering greater insight into his methods. Additionally, the director has been posting heartfelt birthday messages to the actors that he worked with in the DCEU. Just last week, he posted a behind-the-scenes picture of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot and now, he's done the same thing for Superman actor Henry Cavill.

For Henry Cavill's birthday shout out, Zack Snyder released a photo of the actor in Christopher Reeve's original Superman suit from when Cavill was auditioning for the part. Snyder had released a black and white version of the picture, but this is the first time that it has been seen in full color and it's awesome. DC fans can tell right away why they chose Henry Cavill for the role since he looks perfect in the suit. Snyder had this to say.

"This was the shot I did to show the studio that this was my Superman... they agreed. Got the suit from Warner archives and Henry honored its Legacy-Happy birthday, my brother."

In a 2016 interview, Zack Snyder revealed that they didn't have the new Superman suit ready for Man of Steel when Henry Cavill was initially auditioning. This led to Cavill stepping in to wear the iconic Christopher Reeve Superman suit, which others had done before him, but according to Snyder, Cavill was instantly the right guy for the job. Apparently it was evident to everybody that Henry Cavill was the new Superman as soon as he walked out of the trailer. Snyder explains.

"We didn't have the suit made when Henry was auditioning, so he wore the original Christopher Reeve suit. He put it on and when he came out of the trailer, everyone was like, Dang, you're Superman!"

Zack Snyder also stated that when other actors tried on the iconic suit that it looked like a joke. Snyder said that even awesome actors couldn't pull off the overall look of the character but insists that Henry Cavill was instantly able to get the essence of the character down. However, Cavill wasn't so sure. He had this to say.

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"All I could think was, Oh, God, they're going to look at me and go, He's not Superman. Not a chance. The actor inside me was going, You're not ready! You're not ready!"

In the end, Henry Cavill was the right man for the job. DC fans were very happy with the way that Man of Steel turned out and are hoping that a sequel is in the works. Cavill has admitted that there have been talks about the sequel, but he was tight-lipped about committing to anything, simply stating that he'd love to play the character again, with or without a contract. You can check out the picture of Cavill in Christopher Reeve's Superman suit below, thanks to Zack Snyder's Vero account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick