It's still very much up in the air as to whether or not we're ever going to see Henry Cavill suit back up as Superman, but the actor was forced to confront the issue during San Diego Comic-Con and things got awkward in a hurry. Cavill was at the massive pop culture event to promote his upcoming Netflix series, The Witcher, but he couldn't avoid at least a little bit of attempted prodding about his future as the Man of Steel. Or possible lack thereof.

Henry Cavill and several of his fellow cast members for The Witcher sat down for an interview following the panel for the series at SDCC, where the first massive trailer was revealed. At one point, the interviewer says, "It's crazy because you're also Superman." To which, Cavill smiles a very unnerving smile, nods his head and then laughs the whole thing off. For those who want to see Cavill continue on in the role, it's not the most reassuring response. The whole thing is glazed over in a hurry, but it's certainly worth discussing.

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Just to provide a little background on the situation. In September 2018, reports surfaced stating that Henry Cavill would no longer be playing Superman for DC Films. The same day, his reps released a statement that lightly refuted those reports, but still didn't seem definitive. Cavill also released a bizarre and memorable Instagram video in response, that many took as his way of saying he's not hanging up the cape just yet. Yet, in the months since, we've heard virtually nothing official on the situation. And Warner Bros. doesn't appear to have any plans for Man of Steel 2, or any other movies featuring Superman at all, in the near future.

To make matters worse, this year's Shazam features a Superman cameo, but it wasn't Henry Cavill playing the part in said cameo. While it was boiled down to a scheduling conflict, many took it as a bad sign regarding the actor's future as Clark Kent in the DCEU. Meanwhile, many people are predicting The Witcher could be the next Game of Thrones. Should that be the case, Cavill we be locked down for a number of years as the series lead. That could leave a lot less time for the DC universe.

Henry Cavill first played Superman in Zack Snyder's 2013 movie Man of Steel, which kicked off what is commonly referred to as the DCEU. He went on to reprise the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, which proved to be something of a disaster. In part thanks to Cavill's mustache, which he grew for Mission: Impossible - Fallout that Warner Bros. then had to digitally remove during reshoots, which didn't work out so well. We've heard reports previously that Warner Bros. will focus on Supergirl moving forward, with the studio currently developing a solo movie for Clark Kent's cousin. Feel free to check out the full interview clip from the Entertainment Tonight YouTube channel below.

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