If yesterday was a big day for DC fans, it was even bigger for Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. It was revealed that the actor is not going to appear as Superman in the upcoming Shazam! film due to scheduling conflicts. But even bigger, it was also revealed that Cavill was hanging up his cape for good, which sent DC fans into despair. The day got even more confusing as it went along, and Cavill put the cherry on top with a cryptic social media post.

After news broke that Henry Cavill is done playing Superman, his representative released a statement that indicated that the actor could have a future with DC Films and Warner Bros., and noted that the studio was going to make an official statement as well. But, the studio's statement didn't really say anything, except for the fact that nothing has been discussed and they think that Cavill is great. This led the actor to release a video of himself on social media, wearing a Krypton Lifting t-shirt and raising a Man of Steel action figure slowly into the air. He wrote a short caption, "Today was exciting."

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Fans have taken Henry Cavill's post as positive news and some feel that they were in the middle of a contract negotiation in public. The scheduling conflicts for Shazam! seemed a little fishy to more than a few people, and then the statements from the actor's management and the studio sent conflicting messages. Cavill's manager said there is a future, while the studio indicated that the future has not been discussed. There's a theory floating around that Cavill's people leaked the original story of him exiting the DCEU.

Henry Cavill's social media post is a bit weird, but it also seems like he could be celebrating in a way and letting fans know that Man of Steel 2 could be in the cards. If yesterday was an elaborate negotiating tactic, Cavill just proved that DC fans really want to see him back as Superman, and they want it now. In turn, this makes the actor worth a lot more to the studio and earns him a lot more money in the process. Hopefully, they have come to an agreement that everybody is satisfied with.

While some rumors started to spread about other actors potentially taking over for Henry Cavill, most fans fiercely argued in the actor's defense. However, it looks like the actor could be staying on board at this point in time, reaching out to fans in a way that Ben Affleck has yet to do. Could this mean that he'll film his cameo for Shazam! during reshoots? That's unclear at this time as we try and sift through just what exactly happened in the last 24 hours. While we wait for an official announcement, you can check out the cryptic message below, thanks to Henry Cavill's Instagram page.

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Today was exciting #Superman

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