Michael B. Jordan starring in the next Superman movie is not outside the realm of possibility, as the actor reportedly met with Warner Bros. earlier this year to speak about potentially playing the role of the iconic DC superhero.

As of now, Warner Bros.' plans for Superman movies on the big screen are not clear, as the character remains in a creative limbo. Following a report from late last year that the studio was eyeing Jordan to possibly play Superman, a new report from Variety states the Creed star met with the studio earlier this year to pitch his vision for the potential movie, so the desire to cast Jordan as the character seems to be mutual.

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Still, despite the meeting, it's noted Michael B. Jordan remains apprehensive about committing to such a major studio role with no clear plan set for the Superman character. It's also previously been reported that making a Supergirl movie is a higher priority for the studio, and with no director or screenplay in place for a Superman project, 2023 seems to be the earliest we would see the Man of Steel back on the big screen in his own solo movie. With the potential project years away from filming and with so many other high-profile projects to shoot for, Jordan is reportedly not yet willing to commit to taking on the contractually binding role.

After Christopher Reeve famously played Clark Kent in a series of four Superman movies, the DC superhero has had some trouble finding his footing with his modern movie releases. Brandon Routh took over the role for the 2006 movie Superman Returns before Henry Cavill came on board as Kal-El for the unconnected 2013 movie Man of Steel. Cavill would go on to reprise the role in the crossover movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, though he hasn't had any solo sequels. Last year, it was reported Cavill was done playing the character, but more recently, the actor teased his time as the Man of Steel isn't over, saying in an interview that the "cape is in the closet."

There's no telling when we'll see Superman back in theaters and who will be playing him when the superhero inevitably returns to the big screen, but on the small screen, fans of the Man of Steel have plenty to be excited about. The CW crossover event series Crisis on Infinite Earths will be featuring multiple versions of the character with some familiar faces reprising the role from other Superman adaptations. This includes Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent as a teenager on the prequel series Smallville, and Brandon Routh, who starred as the titular superhero in Superman Returns. The character also regularly appears on The CW's Supergirl TV series, played by Tyler Hoechlin.

The incredible success of Joker has clearly taught Warner Bros. that there may be more money to make with standalone movies for DC characters, so a reboot with a new actor seems more likely to happen than Man of Steel 2. In any case, it's going to be a long time before we see anyone playing Superman on the big screen, unless Cavill is able to revisit the role once again for one of the upcoming DCEU movies. This news comes to us from Variety. The Superman fanart of Michael B. Jordan comes from Salman Artworks.