Now that Henry Cavill is said to be returning to the DCEU as the Man of Steel, fans have started making hopeful predictions for a new Superman movie. Damon Lindelof, who co-created Lost and put his own spin on Watchmen as a TV show is at the top of the list for many fans for helming the new film. Lindelof addressed the demand in a recent interview.

"It's immensely flattering to even be considered for ... I think that obviously he's up there with Batman and the two kind of the big two. It's incredibly daunting. I think the challenge with Superman is always going to be what does Superman mean in the contemporary framework? For a character, for a culture that's basically moved into this sphere of antiheroes, how do you make space for Superman who is sort of the original superhero?"
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In the past, Lindelof's longtime collaborator J.J. Abrams had been attached to a Superman project that ultimately never made it to theaters. Naturally, Damon Lindelof is aware of that canceled project, and admits he personally would not be able to make a better Superman movie than what Abrams had planned.

"But it's interesting that you mentioned J.J. because long before I worked with him on Lost, J.J. actually wrote a Superman script that never got made for a variety of reasons mostly of which I think is like that Wolfgang Petersen was trying to make a Superman Versus Batman movie. They were also trying to do JLA. This was all before Chris Nolan came in and basically took over Batman, et cetera, but it all kind of just got lost in the wash. He's had a long-term obsession with Superman. I guess what I would say is I would love to see a J.J. Superman movie, but I don't have a take on the character that would be better than that."

The film that Abrams wrote the script for was called Superman: Flyby, and the two versions of the first drafts of the story that have made their way online set the movie up something that would have made Man of Steel look like kids playing with their action figures.

The Abrams scripts focussed on a young Superman who is heir to the throne of a still-existing Krypton. Fighting against the forces of a name-swapped General Zod to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Superman would have crossed paths with feisty reporter Lois Lane, trusty sidekick Jimmy Olsen and a Lex Luthor, who, depending on the version of the script, would have either been a CIA-operative who is secretly a Kryptonian sleeper agent or a crackpot scientist who mind-melds with alien tech, loses his hair and becomes a supersmart billionaire.

There were planned giant Kryptonian robot battles, Superman dying and resurrecting yet again, massive planet-wide destruction, and a Man of Steel possibly played by Matt Bomer, although interestingly Henry Cavill was also in the running for the role.

The film ultimately never got made, but with Abrams now officially on board the DCEU with a Justice League Dark live-action adaptation for HBO Max, the day may very well come that we get to see him make some version of his Superman movie for the big screen. This news comes from

Neeraj Chand