The DC Comics movie universe is at a critical stage right now. It goes without saying that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was not at all what Warner Bros. was hoping it was going to be, critically or financially. Now, all eyes are on David Ayer and his contribution to the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad, which opens in theaters this weekend. While early reviews for that movie aren't overly positive either, there is another DC Comics superhero that the director wouldn't mind taking a stab at in a future movie.

During the course of his press tour for Suicide Squad, David Ayer talked with JoBlo, revealing that he wouldn't mind doing a Superman movie at some point. The director was asked what character he would like to take on if the opportunity came his way, and he fairly confidently expressed his interest in tackling the Man of Steel. Here is what he had to say.

"If everything was on the table? I love Superman, I think Superman would be amazing. There's so many; it's such an insanely rich universe, there's so much depth to it. You could literally open up the encyclopedia of characters and stab your finger at a page and you'd have an amazing character."

Right now, if most critics and fans are to be believed, the DCEU has a lot of problems. Of the abundant issues Warner Bros. comic book based movie universe is facing, the treatment of DC Comics golden boy Superman is a big one. Man of Steel is the movie that kicked off this current universe, and that movie was perhaps the most well received of the three DCEU movies so far, and that was still pretty divisive. Not only did Superman kill onscreen in that movie and destroy an entire city, but Zack Snyder essentially made him play second fiddle to Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman V Superman. Also, *spoilers* he totally killed him off at the end of the movie.

It has already been made very clear that Henry Cavill is going to be coming back as Superman in the future, we just don't know exactly when. David Ayer is a very different director than Snyder, so it would be at the very least possibly interesting to see his take on the character in the future. No doubt, should Warner Bros. Manage to keep the DCEU on the rails long enough, another Superman solo movie will be greenlit at some point. Maybe Warner Bros. will tap Ayer to bring his vision to Man of Steel 2, but maybe not.

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As of this writing, Suicide Squad sits at a very disappointing 31 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 115 reviews counted. So, that isn't likely to improve a whole lot. That being the case, Ayer's future with the DC Extended Universe may be uncertain. Then again, Zack Snyder is getting another shot with Justice League after the disastrous Batman V Superman, so anything is possible. Also, Snyder isn't going to make DC Comics movies forever, so there will be room for other directors to step in down the line. Maybe David Ayer can finally give us a modern take on Superman that works for fans and critics. Or maybe after the dust settles he will want to avoid comic book movie altogether. We'll have to wait and see.

Ryan Scott