Superman: According to Superman-V, some new rumors about the proposed Superman project, directed by McG, made their way to the webiste this week...

Sources informed S-V this would happen, and that it could be make or break for director McG, we just didnt know when it would take place. It happened last week. RELATED: Michael B. Jordan's Val Zod Project Moves Forward with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Writers

This it we are referring to is a big Superman presentation McG has given to the WB execs. The presentation -- thought to include conceptual art, storyboards and set designs -- got a positive reaction from the WB suits.

We expect McG reinforced his choice of Henry Cavill for the lead. On a side note, theres some buzz about Tom Welling getting the lead. Not true. His agent had apparently been pursuing the role. However, Welling doesnt want the part, and WB and McG want to cast their own Superman, not use someone elses. Smallville is its own continuity, it wont be related to any future Superman film.

Dont make any assumptions about the McG presentation. We arent and, readers, neither should you. This is Superman we are talking about here, and WB, the studio of broken promises! This presentation happened, apparently got a very positive reaction and we thought you should know about it.