Director Zack Snyder claims that his Kal-El seen in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel is more accurate to what has been laid out in the classic comics than anything else brought to the screen. But at the same time, DC Comics is having fun changing up the iconic superhero and his powers. Another month has gone by, and Clark Kent's infamous alter ego has been changed in the pages of the comic books yet again. This time, he's getting a completely new super power. Though, it is similar to one he's had before.

Released this past week, Action Comics #49 has Superman back in action. In this particular story, he throws himself on a big pile of Kryptonite hoping to rejuvenate his super powers. His abilities have been in decline and acting up after he used his Solar Flare in the Truth saga. But Kal-El's plan hits a snag. When he finds himself fully back up to speed, he feels a bit different. His eyes are now green due to the abundance of Kryptonite in his blood cells. And because of this, a new super ability has been discovered.

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This new super power is a variation on Superman's super-hearing. Its comparable to how his new super flare was a slight take on his heat vision. Kal-El has always had the ability to see radio waves and different signal frequencies, but he could never hear what was on them. But now, Superman can fully receive and interpret these signals. And he can hear what is being broadcast.

The power emerged in Superman before. In the 90s, he had this ability back when he had electric powers, giving him blue skin and hair. But Action Comics #49 is the first time this super power has been added to Superman's standard set of skills. In the comic book itself, Superman tells Wonder Woman the following.

"It's this Kryptonite in my cells, Diana. I can feel transmissions...Energy Waves...From all around the world...Including signals!" notes that with the new hair and green eyes, Superman resembles the Eradicator from the 1993 comic book Superman #82. That issue gave us a Kal-El who had no powers. But he gets them back when he is bombarded with Kryptonite radiation, "its radiological makeup changed by passing through The Eradicator en route." They go onto call Superman's recharge by Kryptonite a very interesting coincidence. What do you think or make, of Superman's new powers? Sound off below.

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