The very intriguing news broke yesterday that actor Michael B. Jordan pitched a Superman movie at Warner Bros., possibly to bring a slightly different version of Superman to the big screen. Though this news was met with mostly excitement, the description by one particular news outlet has been met with anger by passionate fans of the Man of Steel.

"Warner Bros. has less clarity on what to do with #Superman. However, there have been discussions with Michael B. Jordan and J.J. Abrams to help make the Man of Steel more relevant."
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It is the reference to the character as being 'not relevant' that has sparked this online fury, with many believing that the character is still plenty relevant, always has been, and is in fact arguably more relevant today than ever before.

"The sad thing about WB's handling of Superman is that this is THE PERFECT time for a Superman movie. He is the embodiment of hope. He's an immigrant created by two Jewish dudes in the late 1930s. Wtf are you doing if you don't know how to make that relevant right now."

It is pretty hard to argue with that, really. Some fans have blamed the writers that have been hired to bring the character to the big screen for this feeling of irrelevance, rather than it being a fault of the character.

"I wish they would stop with this talk. Superman is eternally relevant, just get writers that know how to write the character."

Others have stated that the very suggestion that Superman could possibly be considered irrelevant given the current state of the world we live in is ridiculous, and that in fact, audiences need The Man of Tomorrow and his sense of truth and justice more than ever.

"How can we make Superman relevant today, ask people living on a planet facing a crisis of worldwide catastrophe and extinction."
"If anything the beacon of hope and justice is more relevant today than he's ever been, at least certainly within my lifetime. The world could use more inspiration from Superman."

Finally, several fans have laid the blame squarely at the feet of the studio and their fundamental misunderstanding of the importance of Superman, what he represents, and how that pertains, not only today but everyday.

"The core concept of Superman is that he is a fundamentally good person who uses his power to help others and hold others with power to account. That is incredibly relevant, and the fact that WB doesn't see that is why they haven't made a good Superman movie in 40 years."
"Hi. We live in a country where fascism is on the rise. Where it's really easy to compare the president to Luthor. Where violence is enacted on immigrants daily. How much more fucking relevant can Superman be right now? Does Warner Brothers not understand the gold mine they have?"

The character's ideals are surely forever relevant, that should not even be open to debate, but can the studio successfully translate this to film-going audiences? Perhaps Michael B Jordan is just the man to do it. This comes from Twitter at large.