IESB has been doing a great job in hunting down information about the sequel to Superman Returns. They have been calling contacts at the various studios and have come up with the following info:

IESB has learned that Bryan Singer has finalized a deal to move forward with the sequel this past weekend and the studio is planning to start production sometime next fall, possibly next September.

... other studio insiders confirmed that the deal was finalized last week and the team that brought Superman Returns to theaters earlier this year will return for the sequel.

We have been told that a couple of things are for certain. For one, the sequel will have a slightly smaller budget. Returns budget was approximately $208 million dollars with P&A (prints and ads) of about $50 million putting it at around $260. The sequel is expected to be around $140-175 million plus marketing.

We've been told that Superman will have the battle of his life in the sequel and audiences can expect one of the ultimate baddies in the D.C. universe to come to Metropolis to pick a fight with the Man of Steel.

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