Malaysian reporters from Star E-Central reporters have apparently gotten the first look at any substantial footage from Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman Returns. Here's a sample...

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The railway track rattles violently as the sounds of a train chugging away at an enormous speed fills the room. It’s not going quite as fast as a speeding bullet, but you can tell that it’s going way faster than it should. Suddenly, it crashes through a barrier, and misses a stop. As it approaches the next, you can see the station vibrating. Then someone falls onto the track, and the train runs him, or her, over.

The train just keeps circling the metropolis; its speed increasing and buildings are vibrating. Boom. Cut to a bunch of people standing on what looks like a subway platform. The floor cracks, then the wall splits in two. The group of people take a quick step to the side. They look at each other. Kevin Spacey, sorry, Lex Luthor, smirks.

And there it was. On the huge television hooked up to the editing machines was a young Clark Kent running through the farm as he discovers his incredible powers. He takes a slight leap and ends up on a huge water tanker.

The look of shock on his face matched ours. We couldn’t believe what we were watching. We were possibly the first few �" if not the first Malaysians �" to watch actual footage from the movie.

“You want to see more? Maybe I should show you ... nah, maybe not,” Singer teased. Pause. “Oh, why not,” he said as he dragged the mouse looking for another scene. He obviously knew what he was looking for. We, on the other hand, didn’t know what else was in store.

We heard a click only to see something flying across the screen. It wasn’t a bird, but it sure was a plane ... heading to crash into a field.

Singer stopped the footage just before we could see if Superman had indeed saved the day.

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