The saga of Henry Cavill and his relationship with Superman is far from over. Earlier this year, reports circulated that the actor was going to depart the role in the big screen version of the DC universe. However, the studio released a statement refuting the information, but there are still no projects related to the Man of Steel officially in development, for the time being. So what's going on? At the very least, Aquaman star Jason Momoa says that Cavill isn't done with the role, at least not yet.

The actor, who co-starred alongside Henry Cavill in last year's Justice League which, unfortunately, served as something of a disappointment for Warner Bros. and led to some shifting around with DC Films behind the scenes, has been making the press rounds for Aquaman. During a recent red carpet interview, Jason Momoa was asked specifically whether or not Cavill is done with the role of Superman. Momoa unequivocally stated he's not.

"He's absolutely not. [...] He loves the character and he's not. 100%. [...] No, it's absolutely not."

This may be reassuring to DC fans who want to see Henry Cavill suit back up at least once more as the iconic hero. That said, Jason Momoa also commented recently on the possibility of seeing both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck leaving the roles of Superman and Batman, respectively. At that point in time, that time being just a few days ago, he seemed much less certain that Cavill will be back for more. Perhaps the brass at Warner Bros. requested that Momoa provide some assurance, were he asked about the situation again? That's just speculation, but either way, the man seems confident now.

For context, several reports stated that talks broke down between Henry Cavill and the studio, in part, because they wanted him to appear in other DC movies, such as next year's Shazam, without any real hope of getting a new solo movie going in the near future. Rumors have persisted that Man of Steel 2 is being developed, but we haven't heard anything on that front for some time now. Not only that, but given the shift after Justice League, there is even less reason to believe a direct sequel to something that occurred back when Zack Snyder was steering the ship is going to happen now.

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What we know for sure is Aquaman is getting solid buzz ahead of its debut in theaters on December 21. The studio is also in production on Shazam, which hits theaters in April 2019 and Joker, which arrives in October 2019. Birds of Prey is set to begin filming early next year for a February 2020 release, with Wonder Woman 1984 set to arrive in June 2020. So, at the very best, we wouldn't see Henry Cavill back as Superman until 2021. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the situation come to light. Feel free to check out the interview clip with Jason Momoa from the Entertainment Tonight Twitter account below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott