While Justice League didn't end up as good as everybody wanted, it did get fans excited to see the return of all of the characters in their standalone films, especially Superman, who was reborn in the doomed movie. The possibility of Henry Cavill returning to play the Man of Steel seems to be in limbo at the moment with all of the behind-the-scenes changes happening at Warner Bros. and DC Films. However, Cavill has stated in the past that there have been talks and he is willing to come back. In a new social media post, the actor teases DC fans by saying that he'll "totally probably" be back as Superman.

Henry Cavill posted a new video of himself on Instagram in the gym doing some pretty intense thrusts that he calls a "Super Booty Burner with Paws." The point of the post is to get fans to go out and vote for him for the Teen Choice Awards, but he peppers in some talk about the possible return of Superman in the post. Additionally, Cavill takes some time to talk to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as well. He had this to say.

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"Working on the Super Buns! Whiiiiiiich if you vote for me in the Teen Choice Awards (link in bio) and I end up winning then you may or may not see them in a tight blue outfit much sooner! But totally probably. As an aside, please ignore the fact that I'm also 6 months pregnant with a baby made up entirely of cookies and pizza. Some stiff competition in my Teen choice awards category and I wish those Gentlemen very good luck! So get online and vote with your hearts.... but vote for me. PS @TheRock. Just following your lead big guy. I see your Hobbs Beef Piston Power Thrusts and I raise you a Super Booty Burner with Paws."

Henry Cavill seems to imply that a win at the Teen Choice Awards could see his return as Superman even sooner. However, the post is littered with jokes and sarcasm, so that's more than likely what he putting out to DC fans here. Just a little tongue-in-cheek fun to raise awareness for the Teen Choice Awards. And while he may be having some fun, a win wouldn't hurt our chances of seeing Superman on the big screen again.

As for the next time that we'll see Henry Cavill as Superman, it's been rumored that he will make an appearance in the upcoming Shazam! movie. This has yet to be confirmed, but Cavill has alluded to it in the past and his manager has come out and teased it, so it seems pretty likely that he will show up for a cameo. Superman is reportedly the hero that teenage Billy Batson's inspiration to become a superhero in the Shazam! film.

While the Shazam! possibilities are exciting, it's still not enough for DC fans who are anxiously awaiting a proper return of Superman in another standalone movie. As to whether or not that happens is anybody's guess at this point, but there have been talks. Plus, there's a bunch of Joker movies coming out, so why can't there be at least one Superman project? You can check out the Man of Steel tease below, courtesy of Henry Cavill's Instagram page.