Superman: A scooper claiming to work at Warner Bros. hit AICN today about the possibility of a Superman set being built. Take a look:

I work at Warner Bros. Today I was walking by a stage on the lot and noticed an empty stage with the elephant doors open(those 30 foot doors on the soundstages). When I took a closer look I noticed that the stage had different colored tape stuck to the ground throughout the stage looking kind of like a race track of some sort. The stage also had about twenty 1"x 3"/30ft boards standing upright and tied off at the ceiling with rope. I thought it was kind of odd looking so I went to one of the two workers posted on the stage to ask him what the hell this was that they were building. Well, I was quite excited when the guy told me that it was markers for a set that they were building for "Superman". HOLY [email protected]#!!! RELATED: Smallville: The Complete Series Gets First-Ever Blu-ray Release for 20th Anniversary

I then said, "I thought that WB put that on hold until they nailed down a director. He then said, "Well it's a go and McG is coming over later today to approve the design of the stage". WHAT!!! The only unfortunate thing about this story is that the poor sap had no idea what set it was that he was building. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!! He did say though that he thought it was some garden or something. I don't know?