Legendary Pictures producer Thomas Tull couldn't be more excited about the superhero films they're working on alongside Warner Brothers pictures, notably Superman: The Man of Steel. Tull spoke to Variety about the different superhero films Legendary has been working on, first addressing the recently successful The Dark Knight, and the fan reaction to the first trailer for Watchmen. But he stresses that they're still putting a great deal of effort into the next Superman film.

Tull says that Legendary and Warner Brothers have been listening to pitches from numerous screenwriters on how to make the next Superman movie work. "It's an iconic character," says Tull. "After everything that went into the first film, it's important to make sure that nothing is rushed and we come out with a fantastic second film." Tull says that one thing everyone agrees on is that Superman needs to face off against a "worthy opponent" in the next film.

Tull also refuted rumors that Louis Leterrier has been talked about to direct Superman: The Man of Steel. "He's laser focused on Clash of the Titans", Tull says.