Henry Cavill was in San Francisco for WonderCon last weekend, to promote his new movie Immortals, which is due in theaters November 11. The actor also spoke about portraying the new Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's Superman, and how the next six months will be devoted to Superman research.

"I'm just picking out as much as I possibly can from the comic book history because obviously it's plastered across there as to who this man is and whatever part of his life you're playing; whatever part of his ultimate journey you're playing, you just need to put in either the building aspects, the building blocks to how he ends up, all those key characteristics that are carried through and so it's just picking up a general idea of what he is and then working from there."
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The new actor also talked about the 10-year age difference between himself and the new Lois Lane, Amy Adams.

"To be honest, that's a question for the director. But, (it's) happenstance. I don't think it matters at all."

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