A bizarre video of a "supernatural creature" walking on a bridge in India has gone viral, haunting those on social media left perplexed by what they saw. In the 30-second clip, a figure can be seen sauntering across the bridge with an odd gait before suddenly stopping to glare at the people recording the video. It's hard to get a good look because of the darkness and the low quality of the footage, leading to speculation on social media that it could be a witch, ghost, or space alien.

Per Heavy.com, fact-checkers looked into the origins of the video after it went viral. Times of India journalist Arvind Chauhan reported that the video is "of a poor woman & not of alien." The fact-checking website Alt News also reported that the two youths who recorded the video were interviewed by a local news channel. One of the two witnesses, who identified himself as Deepak, told Alt News that the video was in fact of a naked woman seen walking on NH 75 in Ichinda, Jharkhand.

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"We were returning to Seraikela from Chakradharpur after attending a funeral of a friend's mother," Deepak said. "We got scared when we first saw the woman and stopped at a shop near the highway. When a few others reached the spot, we asked if they too saw the woman. She was not a witch. She was a woman and this was also confirmed by other passers-by."

The site adds that Deepak and another witness claimed in a separate interview with Indian news channel Jan Doot News that they saw a woman who was "walking naked" to which they then shouted, "Chudail hai, ladki hai, record kar, record kar!" Per Alt News, that translates to, "Witch, Witch! It's a girl. Record it!"

Even if what's seen in the video is a human being and not some sort of supernatural entity, some lingering questions still remain. Namely, one has to wonder why the unclothed woman was walking down the street, seemingly oblivious to the danger of the passing motorists? Where did she come from, and where was she going? Is she okay? We'll probably never get the full story, so the video will undoubtedly have lots of people talking. Seraikela sub-inspector Mohammad Noushad told Alt News the matter is "being investigated."

It's no surprise to see the theory that the woman is an alien from outer space posited by people who've seen the video. UFO talk has been making its way into a lot of recent headlines, which includes a new report that NASA's new chief Bill Nelson is planning to further study unidentified flying objects within his first month in office. This follows recent reports of the U.S. Navy observing high-speed UFOs in the sky.

"We don't know if it's extraterrestrial. We don't know if it's an enemy. We don't know if it's an optical phenomenon," Nelson told CNN. "We don't think [it's an optical phenomenon] because of the characteristics that those Navy jet pilots described ... And so the bottom line is, we want to know."

Let's just hope the person shown in the viral video is alright, wherever they are now. This story comes to us from Heavy.com.