Supernatural Magazine Issue 2 hits newsstands January 22, and have we got another meaty issue lined up for you! It's shot through with big name interviews from the cast and crew, tied together with incisor-sharp features, and literally oozing with all the intrigue and gore you'd expect from a magazine devoted to our beloved Supernatural.

Heading up this issue are interviews with Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan and Supernatural's co-showrunner Robert Singer. A very excited Supernatural Magazine writer gets to spend a day on set, and lets us all in on it. We round up an A to Z of the weird and wonderful world of Supernatural, and Eric Kripke answers a whole stack of readers questions, so just keep 'em coming! All this and more in issue 2 of Supernatural Magazine. Read on for a taster of our interview with Jared Padalecki.

In an exclusive interview with Supernatural MagazineSupernatural set...

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Right from the start, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke made it easy for Jared Padalecki to settle into the role of Sam Winchester. "My first impression of Eric was that his commitment was absolute," recalls Padalecki, when asked to cast his mind back to those first few weeks of filming. "He's in love with the show, he's in love with the characters, and he's in love with the mythology. He always says he's a student of Joseph Campbell, who's [basically] the father of mythology. That's what stuck out to me the most - his commitment to the story and to Supernatural."

"There's been a lot of self-discovery, both through playing the role and through the nature of the show we shoot. I'm sort of living life like Sam. I don't really know what's coming up in the next week or two and I'm living in a place I'm unfamiliar with, away from my friends and family. You learn a lot about yourself because you don't have your normal vices so readily available and you're working so hard. I've actually learnt - pleasantly - that I'm capable of working a lot harder than I thought I was, because we're working crazy hours and doing crazy, crazy things. I found that I am up for it, so that's been very good."

Every issue Supernatural Magazine pose your questions to show creator Eric Kripke. Hot topics this issue include the writers strike and its effects on season three, the show's longevity, and the scariest urban legend ever...

Are Sam and Dean based on anyone you know?

Natalie, Big Spring, TX

Eric Kripke: Yes, they are. At least in the beginning of the series, there was a lot of myself in Sam. I'm a little brother; I have a close relationship with my big brother, who stayed in the family business, while I, the black sheep of the family, moved out to California. So I related to what Sam was going through. However, since then, Sam has taken on a life of his own, and we don't share nearly as much in common. For instance, I never came back from the dead, nor am I central to a mysterious demonic conspiracy. (Or am I...?) Dean is a composite of several people. My big brother Matt, of course, but also my best friends Ben and James. They're all basically my brothers. And Ben, especially, is quite the smart ass, and couldn't care less what other people think. Character traits that, obviously, Dean possesses in spades.

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