Supernatural Magazine, Issue #4 hit stores this week.

Heading up this issue we have a big double interview with the brothers themselves - Jared and Jensen talk demons, vengeful spirits and fan encounters. We also catch up with Sam and Dean's younger selves, Ridge Canipe and Colin Ford, from A Very Supernatural Christmas, as well as delving deeper into the spooky details of this well loved episode in our 'Classic Episode' feature. Then there's an interview with Amber Benson, of Buffy fame, director Mike Rohl talks us through his on-set memories, and we meet up with a real-life ghost hunter for a few trade secrets. Plus there are all our regulars, Supernatural news, and a plethora of pull out posters. Don't miss issue 4 of the official magazine - on sale May 27.
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Supernatural Encounters - an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Some fans are friendlier than others. "I've gotten bras thrown at me and stuff like that, which was kind of fun," Padalecki admits. Although sometimes the girls can be a little too friendly. "It depends where you are," reveals Padalecki. "If it's high school girls, they just want to take a picture, have you sign something so that they can tell their friends. But if you're at a bar and it's some girl who wants in your pants because they think you have money or something..." Padalecki is wary of those girls, just as he is with people who want to befriend him as a way to break into the industry. However, it's not tough for the actors to see through those people. "You can tell by how intense someone is," explains Padalecki. "If they're like, 'Hey, you work on the show. That's cool. You want a drink?' Or if someone is like, 'Hey, who is your agent? Do you have guest stars? Do you hire locally?' The more they ask you about what's going on, it's different. If they treat you just like a person, like, 'Hey, what's going on? Do you want to go play a game of pool or something?' You can kind of tell just by talking to them what they're after."

Then there are the fans who truly believe in the supernatural. "I've gotten spells sent to me," Ackles reveals. "Not voodoo dolls; nothing like that. No pentagrams or anything. You know, like good wishes spells sent to me with crazy herbs and stuff..." But while the senders assured him the spells were for protection, he hasn't risked trying them yet. "They're like, 'Here, read this and do this,' and I'm like, 'No.'"

While some fans offer the guys protection from the evils of the world, others come to them for help. "I've actually gotten a few of those," comments Ackles. "'Hey, I think my house is haunted. What do I do?' And I'm like, 'I don't know.'" If they asked Padalecki, he might just tell them to lock their doors. "My fianc&#233e is completely scared of ghosts," he shares. "She can't watch a commercial for a scary movie because she's like, 'Ghosts!' I remember one time she was having trouble sleeping, so I bought her some door locks for her bedroom. I was like, 'Lock your door. Turn your alarm on.' And she's said, 'Locks don't work against ghosts.'" Then again, Padalecki's first instinct isn't always ghosts - he's just as likely to blame odd occurrences on the Yellow-Eyed Demon. "You always hear about cold spots in a room or lights flickering or something like that," he points out. "I was watching the show - I was watching the [first] season finale with my parents - and the lights started flickering, and I was like, 'The demon.' I just found myself saying that. And I was like, 'It's ingrained in me!'"

Read the full interview in issue 4 of The Official Supernatural Magazine, on sale now!

Supernatural Magazine Issue 4
Supernatural Magazine Issue 4