Some fans love Baby even more than Dean Winchester! And if you're one of those admires, Supernatural Season 11 promises to deliver the episode you've been waiting for. Yes, as this ground-breaking CW series prepares for it's epic eleventh year on the air, Dean's beloved 1967 Chevrolet Impala is getting a whole hour devoted to it's lovely ways. Showrunner Jeremy Carver revealed this unique and innovative storyline this past Sunday, when Supernatural made its trek to San Diego for the highly-anticipated annual SDCC event. He explains more about what we'll get to see.

"We are doing an entire episode [titled 'Baby'] in the Impala. It's going to touch on, 'What happens in the moment when they agree to take a case and normally you cut to whatever and they're walking in? What if you stayed in the Impala for another five minutes? What do they talk about then?'"

Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were on hand at Comic-Con to shed some light on the upcoming season. While we've learned quite a bit about Baby's past over the years, this episode will include the Impala in every shot. Jensen Ackles, who almost always drives the car, compared it to a recent Tom Hardy movie. He went onto say more.

"I'm excited about that [episode]. I've watched that movie Locke. Fantastic movie. But then I've also seen the movie Buried with Ryan Reynolds. It was great. Ryan did a great job, but all I wanted to see was just a shot of the desert. 'Just get me out of the box for a second! Give me an establishing shot! And then we can go back in the box.' And of course, it never happens, so it felt a little claustrophobic. But with Locke, I never would have imagined that sitting 90 minutes in a car would have been as interesting as it was. So if that's the formula we have to follow, I'm very nervous. We might have to call Tom Hardy and have him come over and guest-star in that one."

At Comic-Con, it was revealed by executive producer Andrew Dabb that in its 11th Season, Supernatural will be returning to its original formula. And we'll also get to see some mysterious elements arise from Sam and Dean's past. Dabb went onto explain how this year is a little different then the last couple, which should make long-time fans happy.

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"One thing we bat around in the writers room is, 'You can't escape your past. We're bringing some things in from the boys' past - some very distant, some much more recent - that we haven't dealt with in a long time but will have some really interesting repercussions for both guys."

It is also confirmed that there will be flashbacks. Which means the long deceased Bobby, played by the great Jim Beaver, will likely return. Supernatural Season 10 ended with the release of The Darkness, with Supernatural Season 11 picking up immediately after. The Winchester Brothers will have to figure out how far it reaches, and how to fix it. The big villain this year will be pre-biblical, and no one knows how to cope with its evil ways. That means Sam and Dean will finally be at each others' sides, fighting together instead of squabbling. Says Jensen Ackles about the new episodes.

"One of things I like about [the Season 11 storyline] is it's going back to the original format of having both brothers unaffected, meaning not drinking demon blood, not with the Mark of Cain on their arm. [It's] just Sam and Dean as Sam and Dean, fighting a common target."

The Brothers will feel responsible for the release of The Darkness, and a shared guilt trip will follow as they set out to save the world yet again. This will bring them back to the very basics of their monster hunting job. It's a story arc that will resonate throughout the entire season, with the occasional monster of the week episode thrown in to give the show a great balance of thrills, chills and laughs. Supernatural Season 11 premieres Oct. 7 on The CW, returning just in time for Halloween!

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