We only get to spend one hour a week with the Winchester Bros. There's a lot that happens between Sam and Dean that we never get to see. That all changes with this week's all-new episode of Supernatural titled Baby. This latest adventure will be told entirely from the perspective of Dean's beloved '67 Chevrolet Impala. And it promises to expose some secrets even hardcore fans don't know.

Ever since its debut in 2005, Supernatural has revolved around three main characters. Sam, Dean and Baby. And along with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, this bad ass Impala is one of the few cast members to have appeared in every single episode. While we got an origin story for Baby early on in the show's run, this will be the first time we're seeing all the action from Baby's point-of-view. The episode will never leave the car. We'll finally learn what happens in the Winchester's mobile home base when no one is looking. And it offers a completely different peek into the demon hunters' on-the-road lifestyle.

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This 'very special' episode will allow us a more intimate understanding of Dean and Sam's brotherly relationship, which should re-energize a lot of 'Wincesters' looking to write new fan fiction. We'll get to see a few quiet moments between the two siblings. And one scene, which is a favorite of star Jared Padalecki, finds Sam and Dean having a particular poignant talk as they decided to sleep in their car rather than spring for a hotel. About the moment, which may surprise some longtime fans, the actor had this to say.

"When I read the script, I was like, 'We never see the boys do this stuff. I can't wait to see it. That should be something we do more often. We usually have the come-to-God [moment] in the middle of this library or something... But what a cool glimpse into the Winchesters and how they travel. We're not getting a motel every night. It's going to be, 'Hey, don't want to waste the money, crash in the car and wake up and head out.'"

Not only did the All-Impala episode offer the show's creators a chance to explore a different side of Sam and Dean, it is also bringing a unique style that has never been seen before. Baby will look quite a bit different from any other episode in the long history of the series, which is more popular in its eleventh year than ever before. A former storyboard artist for Alfred Hitchcock, Thomas J. Wright directed this episode. To capture Baby's POV, they had to rig special cameras to the interior of the classic car. And to capture the sound, one of the sound crew members had to sit in a special bucket seat built into the trunk. About the experience of shooting this very unique adventure for the Winchester Bros., Jared Padalecki had this to say.

"It was the first ever in 200-something episodes that we shot like that. It was a brand new style. A lot of stuff, I think, caught us off guard. But we just rolled with the punches and a little bit of improving, which is always fun."

While in the car, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will get to belt out a classic tune, singing along with the radio. Jensen Ackles had this to say about about all that extra time spent sitting inside Baby.

"We've done things that have for us seemed similar to that, but certainly have never shot an entire show like that. So there was a bit of a learning curve, and once Tom figured out how he wanted to do it, then it was just getting used to that setup."

Throughout the course of the series, the boys have certainly suffered their fare share of scrapes and bruises. But in Baby, it was the car that took most of the hard blows this time around. About how hard the shoot was on the '67 Impala, the show's picture car coordinator Jeff Budnick had this to say to TVLine.

"That was the busiest [episode] I've done in 11 years. We had all eight cars working. [There was] blood everywhere. The cars that I had to repair from that episode, five of them had to get new headliners because of the cameras ripping through the headliners. We had to put carpets in and the glass got cracked. It was a lot of work to get them back to normal."

The next all-new episode from Supernatural Season 11 airs this Wednesday, October 27, at 9/8 central. We have a special behind-the-scenes sneak peek at Baby. We also have a video from sound mixer Donald Painchaud which shows how he had to sit in the trunk. Take a look, and then celebrate Halloween with Baby, Dean and Sam tomorrow.

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