Are you ready for the darkest season of Supernatural yet? The CW has just released the first trailer for Supernatural Season 11, and it's off the chain, literally. Stuff is flying all over the place, Sam is calling upon God, Dean thinks he's a Ghotsbuster, Castiel is running around with bleeding eyes, and Crowley appears to be having a grand old time, even taunting this year's big bad villain by scoffing at it's name. Yes, The Darkness has been unleashed, and the Winchester Bros. are going to have to put up a pretty big fight to end it.

Supernatural Season 11 is set to premiere October 11, returning just in time for Halloween! And if this latest sneak peek is any indication, its going to be a hectic, action-packed time as the boys battle their scariest enemy yet. This first look footage only offers a tiny taste of what we can expect to see this season, and it looks awesome. A supernatural threesome is even teased, which could get very ugly depending on how you want to look at it.

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Last week brought the first set of photos from the Supernatural Season 11 premiere episode The Bad Seed. At the end of Supernatural Season 10, one of their roughest yet, Sam and Dean accidentally set The Darkness free from its hole. And now they must fight like mad to lock it back up from whence it came! Sam (Jared Padalecki) is looking a little worse for wear when we catch back up with his blood drenched body. He'll be faced with a black eye and quite a few bruises as he blames only himself for the damage brought by the black cloud of The Darkness. He's so destitute, he even decides to call upon a higher power for help, even though God has long since died a quiet death (as you probably know, no one really stays dead in the world of Supernatural).

The Supernatural Season 11 trailer picks right back up with Castiel where we left him, having just been shanghaied by Rowena as Crowley's fate hangs in the balance. While Castiel struggles with his fate, the former King of Hell seems to be faring fare better. Crowley, played by Mark Sheppard, survived his latest confrontation without enduring any injuries. But it's not going to be smooth sailing as The Darkness emerges. Executive producer Jeremy Carver had this to say about the state of things when the hit show returns this fall.

"Castiel, first and foremost, has to find a way out of this spell that Rowena has cast on him. That's not as easy as it may sound. Being under the influence of this spell, it's going to lead him to some pretty uncomfortable situations. [Crowley] is very much trying to figure out how he is going to navigate this new world where The Darkness threatens just about everything."

There are other surprises in store for Supernatural Season 11. As this ground-breaking CW series prepares for it's epic eleventh year on the air, Dean's 1967 Chevrolet Impala, lovingly referred to as Baby, will get a whole hour devoted to it. In its 11th Season, Supernatural will also be returning to its original formula. And we'll also get to see some mysterious elements arise from Sam and Dean's past. The Winchester Brothers will be tasked with figuring out how far The Darkness reaches, and how to fix it. The big villain this year is pre-biblical, and no one knows how to cope with its evil ways. That means Sam and Dean will finally be at each others' sides, fighting together instead of squabbling. Take a look at this epic new trailer before the show returns next month.

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