It seems that a hit CW series is poking a little fun at its competitors... which could pave the way for a return of a popular actor. Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files has posted an image of Supernatural's Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) in a Seattle Grace-like hospital, in a nod to Grey's Anatomy. Click below to see this interesting image of the Winchester brothers.

Sam and Dean Spoof <strong><em>Grey's Anatomy</em></strong>

The episode, appropriately dubbed Changing Channels, will air on November 5 and will also feature nods to the hit ABC drama CSI as well, according to the site.

The site also left a cryptic hint about a nod to Grey's Anatomy that Supernatural fans, "will find particularly amusing." Could this be a clue that we will see Jeffrey Dean Morgan return in a guest-starring role? We'll have to wait until Thursday, November 5 at 9 PM ET on the CW Network to find out.

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