Sony Pictures Animation has launched the official website for Surf's Up, a computer animated film starring the voices of Jeff Bridges, Shia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel, James Woods, Jane Krakowski, Jon Heder, Mario Cantone, Brian Benben, and Michael McKean. The film arrives in theatres on June 8th, 2007.

The website, invited visitors to click on the interactive map to hear fun commentary on cities around the world. Also there is a live webcam on Pen Gu Island.

A stylistically daring CGI feature, Surf's Up is based on the groundbreaking revelation that surfing was actually invented by penguins. In the film, a documentary crew will take audiences behind the scenes and onto the waves during the most competitive, heartbreaking and dangerous display of surfing known to man, the Penguin World Surfing Championship.