Most of us remember what happened to Morgan Spurlock when he decided to go on an all-McDonald's diet back in the 2004 documentary Super Size Me. Things turned out pretty horribly for his health and body, though it did ignite Spurlock's filmmaking career. So what if someone did the same thing with an all-sushi diet? Would they be able to lose weight as opposed to gain it? That's what one Los Angeles teacher sets out to do in the new documentary short Sushi Size Me.

Meet Leo Sanders. Like many men quickly approaching middle age, he's put on a few pounds and would love to slim down. But his busy work schedule has kept him from devoting the needed time and energy to getting back in shape. So he has concocted a get skinny quick scheme that sees him munching on seaweed and rice for 30 days straight. Will that do the trick? We have the first trailer for this funny and provocative documentary, as one man sets off on a culinary journey that just might be the end of him.

Leo Sanders is a Los Angeles High School Literature Teacher and Men's Varsity Basketball Head Coach who decides to challenge himself to lose weight by eating only Sushi for thirty days, during the L.A. Unified Teacher's Strike of 2019. Leo kept a daily video journal with his iPhone, documenting the health & wellness struggles of a dedicated civil servant, all the while continuing to teach & coach at San Fernando High School.

Sushi Size Me will be playing at the Culver City Film Festival this coming weekend, which kicks off December 6 and runs through December 12. Tickets for the festival are on sale now, with screenings happening at the Cinemark 18 & XD (HHLA), at The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, 6081 Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Screening times run from 10 am to midnight every day.

Sushi Size Me will be playing Saturday, December 7th on Screen A during the 12pm short line-up. The short is directed by Casey Casseday, one of the producers and writers behind the acclaimed 2008 documentary The Green Rush. He's also worked on Prank It Forward, Fright Club and Smosh. Working closely with Leo Sanders, who created the concept behind Sushi Size Me, the pair used an iPhone to shoot the movie, and as Leo exclaims in the trailer, the camera held within his hands is better than any of the cameras Morgan Spurlock used when shooting Super Size Me.

Nicholas Thomas serves as an executive producer here, having written the movie Let's Be Cops and serving as an executive producer on this past summer's Stuber starring Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani. Casey Casseday and Nicholas Thomas previously collaborated on the hit comedy series Canoga Park, and he threw in the $1500 for Leo's month-long Sushi habit.

If you want to catch Sushi Size Me in its entirety at the Culver City Film Festival, along with a number of other exciting short films and movies, you can buy your tickets direct from, or you can pick them up at the door.