Hollywood sure has lined up one scary fall season at the box office this year. Perhaps the most anticipated horror movie coming our way in October is Suspiria, rivaled only by Blumhouse's Halloween sequel. Halloween is getting some mad love from all kinds of artists, and now Suspiria jumps in the game with a special one-sheet from Mondo. And it's creepy.

'Let Mother take care of you.' That's the adorning tagline for Mondo's exciting new release. The company is beyond excited to present a hauntingly beautiful limited edition screen print for Amazon Studios' highly anticipated horror remake. Sized at 24" x 36", this Suspiria poster is only being printed in edition of 275, by DL Screenprinting. It retails for $50.

Sara Deck had this to say about her Suspiria poster.

"I can't think of anything more exciting than getting to provide artwork for a film that you were already eagerly anticipating seeing. I will admit to an extreme bout of nerves prior to finally sitting down to work out some concepts for the final print. In the end, Suspiria had ample disturbingly beautiful visuals to offer up, so it was less a struggle and more a pleasure to interpret. Of all of the concepts that I came up with, I am so happy that we went forward with this one. This image to me reflects the unsettling tension surrounding Mme. Blanc and her desire. With palms up imploring the viewer, and face veiled hiding her true intentions. This film is so much more than a remake."

Suspiria is a remake of Dario Argento's 1977 horror classic, which follows ballet dancer Suzy, originally played by Jessica Harper. She sets off for Germany, where she will be attending a prestigious ballet school. She arrives late one stormy night, finding that there is no one at the school to let her inside. She meets another student named Pat, who is running away from the school. Pat is later murdered at her apartment, and Suzy is excepted into the ballet school the very next day. There, she finds it hard to adjust to her surroundings, she continually hears noises, and just doesn't feel right. As more students being to drop dead around her, she soon discovers the terrifying secret history behind the school.

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David Gordon Green was originally attached to direct this Suspiria remake, but ended up directing the new Halloween movie instead. Luca Guadagnino, who made waves with the Oscar-nominated drama Call Me By Your Name, stepped in and took over. He has made something that adheres to the original but also careens wildly from it. Where the original was just 92 minutes long, Guadagnino's witch thriller clocks in at a hefty two hours and thirty minutes, an hour longer than what came before it.

The movie still centers on a world-renowned dance company with a terrifying secret. The troupe's artistic leader and an ambitious young dancer will be swallowed up in the darkness that swirls around the school, as a grieving psychotherapist tries to make sense of it all. Some of the dancers will succumb to a horrible nightmare while others will be consumed by the witches living under the floorboards.

Suspiria will arrive in Theaters October 26, 2018, literally right before Halloween. You can check out the amazing Mondo art print, which is available next week. Check Mondo for sale date.

<strong><em>Suspiria</em></strong> Mondo Print
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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