Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was caught crying following a screening of Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria remake earlier this month at the Venice Film Festival. We're hoping he wasn't moved to tears by the film's massive runtime. All snarkiness aside, we're getting news that Guadagnino's rendition of Dario Argento's hugely influential giallo (released in 1977) will clock in at a hefty 2 hours and 32 minutes. That's pretty much twice as long as your "typical" studio offering and is not in keeping with Argento's Suspiria, which runs 92 minutes. This may be asking a lot in our age of decreasing attention spans, where many genre fans recently complained Ari Aster's terrifying Hereditary dragged at just a hair over 2 hours (an assertion I disagree with, by the way).

Runtime isn't the only significant difference between the original and Guadagnino's Suspiria, which the filmmaker hesitates to even call a "remake". He recently told Bloody Disgusting: "This is not a remake, because the word gives the impression that we want to erase the original, and the opposite is what we tried to do." Still, Guadagnino is differentiating his iteration with a major shift in aesthetics, transitioning from Argento's extremely vibrant color palette to subdued, muted tones. Although we've yet to see a trailer, stills and screenshots show a striking contrast to the neon splatter of traditional giallo.

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Suspiria is one of those horror movies pre-millennials rave about though modern horror fans seem completely unfamiliar with it. This could be at least partially due to that fact that you won't find Suspiria on iTunes, or Amazon, or Hulu (or Shudder, or On Demand). But don't dishonor yourself by visiting a pirate site just yet! If your interested in investigating this massively influential supernatural slasher, it's worth noting that there's only one place to see Argento's Suspiria, and that's Tubi TV. The site launched in 2014 as a conduit for less popular properties from Paramount Pictures, MGM, and Lionsgate, and it's a free service (though commercials must be endured). Collectors might also consider investing in the stunning 4K restoration on Blu-ray for a very reasonable price. In the original Suspiria:

"Suzy (Jessica Harper) travels to Germany to attend ballet school. When she arrives, late on a stormy night, no one lets her in, and she sees Pat (Eva Axén), another student, fleeing from the school. When Pat reaches her apartment, she is murdered. The next day, Suzy is admitted to her new school, but has a difficult time settling in. She hears noises, and often feels ill. As more people die, Suzy uncovers the terrifying secret history of the place."

The remake, slated to hit US Theaters beginning November 2nd, stars Chloe Grace-Moretz, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Sylvie Testud, Angela Winkler, Małgosia Bela, and Lutz Ebersdorf; Radiohead's Thom Yorke composed the score. The official Susperia Twitter originally revealed the runtime.