Suzanne Somers wants to do Playboy again in honor of her 75th birthday. The 73-year old actress revealed the news in a recent interview. Somers posed topless on social media earlier this year and it quickly went viral. However, that was not Somers' intention when she had her husband take the picture. Regardless, it spread all over the internet and went "Kardashian," as she says.

In a new interview, Suzanne Somers was asked about the possibility of posing for Playboy again. She originally took some test photos with the iconic men's magazine back in 1970 when she needed money for her son's operation. However, the photos were not released until 1980, when she was a big TV star on Three's Company. After giving it some thought, Somers had this to say.

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"Maybe on my 75th birthday. Actually, that would be really cool. I would like to have Playboy - I would like Annie Leibovitz to shoot me nude for Playboy for my 75th birthday, OK? That's now on record."

The original Playboy pictures from 1970 came out against her will and she successfully sued the magazine. She donated all of the winnings to charity at the time. However, after she was fired from Three's Company in the early 1980s, the magazine approached her about posing again. At first she was angry, and then thought it would be a good idea since she would have the creative control this time around. Those were some pretty famous issues of Playboy since Somers was a huge actress at the time.

Going back to the nude photo that started the Playboy talk again, Suzanne Somers says she wasn't actually naked. "I dropped my top - I was all covered. I didn't think it was a controversial picture," says Somers. "But it became controversial. And then I thought, 'Well, that's not bad.' Because I looked like I was naked, but I wasn't." The actress doesn't seem to mind the idea of getting nude again since she just reenacted said photo for People magazine a few weeks ago. As for Playboy, there probably won't even be a print magazine around in two years when Somers turns 75, so if she does do it, the images will more than likely be in the web version of the magazine. In the end, she believes posing again would send a positive message. She explains.

"I thought, 'Well, this is a new way to age. What I want women and men - but mostly women because we're so hard on ourselves - to know [is] it ain't over. It's how you take care of yourself going forward. We are going to live longer now. There is life extension whether you like it or not. But no one's really thinking about quality... I've been putting quality back."

Suzanne Somers has been a health advocate for decades now. She appeared in the hugely popular infomercials for the Thigh Master over the years and has written books on the subject. Some of her ideas have not been well-received, but she keeps doing what she has always done and it appears to be working for her. "The difference between youth and age is energy. When I say I like aging, I like my energy," she says. The interview with Suzanne Somers was originally conducted by Access.

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