Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, the beloved duo from Shaun of the Dead, are reuniting once more, this time behind the scenes, for a new original horror movie. Frost and Pegg launched their own production company, Stolen Picture, back in 2016 so that they could continue to work with one another and develop projects outside of the major Hollywood movies they find themselves in. This time, they're going to be terrorizing a family with a serial killer in Svalta.

According to a new report, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, along with Miles Ketley, have closed a deal with Orion Pictures for Svalta. Orion purchased the pitch and now Frost, along with James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders, who serve as creative directors at Stolen Picture, will pen the screenplay. Frost, Pegg and Ketley will produce, with Dan Kagan overseeing the production for the studio. Orion Pictures President John Hegeman had this to say about it in a statement.

"We are unbelievably excited to be partnering with Simon, Nick and Miles on Svalta. The story is scary, awesome and crazy, and their unique voice is perfect for this movie. We can't wait to bring this to the big screen with them."

Svalta gets its title from the name of a fictional island. The story centers on a family on a summer vacation. They're heading to a remote Swedish island that one would assume would be peaceful. Instead, shortly after their arrival, they find out a serial killer is on the loose. However, the locals have no interest in aiding the family of tourists. Miles Ketley had this to say in a statement.

"Orion is the perfect home for the horrifying vision that Nick has conjured up from his maverick brain. We always said that everything we do has to come from left field and find something unexpected at its center and with this partnership with John and Dan and their amazing team, Svalta is the perfect project to do that."

The world at large became familiar with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as a duo through their collaborations with Edgar Wright, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End. The two initially started their creative partnership on the series Spaced. In the years since, they've both moved on to other ventures, with Pegg starring in the Mission: Impossible franchise and Frost starring on AMC's Into the Badlands, as well as this year's Fighting With My Family. The two also produced a horror/comedy, Slaughterhouse Rulez, which is finally getting a U.S. release this year.

At the present time, there is no word on whether or not either of them will actually star in the upcoming project. There is also no word on who may wind up in the director's chair. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news was first reported by Deadline.