It's definitely summertime. And a sunny photo of Dania Ramirez in a yellow bikini has resurfaced as the actress celebrates the success of her hugely popular Netflix series based on a DC Comics title. If you've been sleeping on Sweet Tooth, pull it out from under your pillow and join in for a look at a dystopic tale that follows the adventures of Gus - part deer, part boy - who leaves his home in the forest to find the outside world ravaged by a cataclysmic event. He joins a ragtag family of humans and animal-children hybrids like himself who run from those who are intent on hunting them down. Filmed in New Zealand and executive produced by Robert Downey Jr., Ramirez jumped at the chance to dive into the DC Comics world.

Known for her glamour girl characters like Cinderella in the ABC series Once Upon a Time, Ramirez's role as 'Aimee Eden' in Sweet Tooth shows a grittier side, a former therapist. now scavenger and builder of a sanctuary for the hybrids after someone abandons one at her compound.

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Sweet Tooth is based on a DC Comics limited-series comic book. The world has fallen victim to a deadly virus that might also be linked to the mysterious births of hybrid babies born part human and part animal. "It's a different kind of adventure that is full of magic and wonder in the mix of darkness," explains Dominican-American actress Dania Ramirez, "That's what makes it really special."

"The role really spoke to me in a way no other role ever had. I was going through a transitional period in my life very much like Aimee Eden. When we first meet Aimee, she is a therapist who is a bit lost in the mundane way she is living her life and trapped in a society driven by work. It is after the 'Big Crumble' happens that she walks outside her office into a post apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed it's Earth and animals are running free, that she sees an opportunity to restart her journey; it is when she meets the most precious half pig/half human baby girl that she really begins to understand her purpose."
"In my own life, I found myself working all the time away from my family so I decided to take some time off to be at home with my kids when they entered their first year of school. My kids are my everything and my family gives me my purpose, so spending that time at home with them and then finding a new appreciation for nature through this role while in the midst of a pandemic has changed me for the better. As the episodes kept coming in, I saw Aimee become a mother like figure for all orphan hybrid kids stopping at nothing to protect them and just like her I believe in doing my part in making this world a better more hopeful place for my kids to grow up in."

The Netflix series has captured the hearts and imagination of millions during this time of upheaval and change. But unlike some apocalyptic tales, Sweet Tooth is a family-friendly tale with lessons learned about acceptance, bravery, growing up, what family really means, and taking care of Mother Nature. The narration by James Brolin begins and ends each episode with our lesson learned and a telling of what's to come. Will Forte's turn as our main character Gus' dad doing everything he can to teach his son how to live off the land and survive on his own will make you bust out the Bambi-sized tissues.It's no mystery why this series is a hit and why Dania Ramirez has reason to celebrate. Snuggle up with your fur babies and Kleenex, and push play.