Get ready for a Halloween treat that will eat your heart out with Blumhouse's Sweetheart. Kiersey Clemons is a young woman trapped on a tropical desert island alone who suddenly finds herself struggling to stay alive as a mysterious malevolent force overtakes everything around her.

Kiersey Clemons stars in JD Dillard's heart-pounding survival thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. All the horror will be available just in time for Halloween, with the digital version arriving on October 22, 2019 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

In Sweetheart, Jenn, played by Kiersey Clemons, finds herself completely alone on a small tropical island after her boat goes down. By day, every ounce of her strength, cunning, and courage is strained simply to find food, outlast the elements, and survive. But as the sun sets, Jenn's waking nightmare inexorably grows into terror, when a malevolent force comes to stalk the jungle for prey.

From Blumhouse, producers of Get Out and The Purge franchise, comes a thrilling twist on the castaway genre. Sweetheart will be available on Digital and On Demand. Digital lets fans watch movies anywhere on their favorite devices. Users can instantly stream or download. Movies Anywhere is the digital app that simplifies and enhances the digital movie collection and viewing experience by allowing consumers to access their favorite digital movies in one place when purchased or redeemed through participating digital retailers. Consumers can also redeem digital copy codes found in eligible Blu-rayTM and DVD disc packages from participating studios and stream or download them through Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere is only available in the United States.

Kiersey Clemons is joined in the very small cast by Emory Cohen, Hanna Mangan Lawrence and Andrew Crawford, though it looks like Jenn will be on her own for the duration of the runtime. Casting for the movie was put together by Terri Taylor, CSA. Scott E. Anderson is the Visual Effects Supervisor responsible for bringing the scary monster out of the ocean and screaming to life.

Charles Scott IV does the music for Sweetheart. The rest of the crew is filled out by Costume Designer Romy Itzigsohn. The thriller is edited by Gina Hirsch. Production Designer is Robbie Porter. Director of Photography is Stefan Duscio. The movie is produced by Jason Blum, JD Dillard, Alex Theurer, Alex Hyner, and Bill Karesh. JD Dillard wrote the screenplay alongside Alex Theurer & Alex Hyner.

This first look at Sweetheart comes direct from Universal Home Video. We also have the poster featuring Kiersey Clemons as Jenn, trying to swim to safety as she watches the tropical island paradise blowup behind her, which we can see in the reflection of the water.

Sweetheart poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange