TransMedia Group Productions announced plans to shoot the pilot this summer in New York City and Florida for Winning In America, a TV series hosted by TV icon Sy Sperling, former president of the Hair Club For Men, known for his famous admission, "And I'm also a client."

"I don't usually make predictions, but I think this series will be a winner as it will appeal strongly to the American spirit in all of us that wants to succeed and then share that success with others," said Sperling.

The series will feature personal stories of winning entrepreneurs told intimately in first-person. Sperling will introduce each episode that will take viewers on an entrepreneurial journey toward achieving the American dream, including intimate details of challenges faced in becoming Winning In America, according to the series' creator and co-producer Tom Madden. Madden was Vice President, Assistant to the President of NBC and Fred Silverman's right hand before he founded TransMedia Group, a leading public relations firm with an active video production division.

Sperling is one of the most instantly recognized figures in America who has appeared numerous times on late-night television shows, including Jay Leno, Letterman, Conan, and Saturday Night Live, Madden said. The series co- producer is John Bennardo, who was a producer on America's Funniest Videos and Oprah's Oxygen Network.

According to Madden, Sy is a perfect host as his name is on the tips of millions of tongues in America. On a recent episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, 55 percent of the audience knew who was President of the Hair Club For Men. And once during the Bush/Gore campaign when then-candidate George W. Bush was being chided for mispronouncing names of heads of state, David Letterman asked Mr. Bush the same question and he replied, "You don't mean Uncle Sy Sperling?"

The pilot episode called "Roots: The Hair-Raising Story of a Guy Named Sy," will take viewers on a path starting in the Bronx and leading to Sperling's huge success in establishing the leading brand in the hair weaving industry, which he sold for $40 million and re-sold for $220 million.