Fans of Sylvester Stallone and/or Cadillacs who happen to have a lot of extra money sitting around may want to pay attention. The star of the Rocky and Rambo franchises is currently selling his tricked out Escalade, which comes with a great many upgrades. Not to mention it was owned by a true Hollywood icon. The privilege of owning this vehicle will set someone back $350,000.

The vehicle is currently listed by Becker Automotive Design, who did the customization for Sylvester Stallone originally. The stretch ESV is shown in detail on the website in a series of pictures, a couple of which featuring the actor. Here's what Stallone had to say about the car.

"I ordered my Becker ESV for a specific purpose, however my requirement for it has recently changed and I no longer have a need for this beautiful vehicle. I enjoyed personally designing the luxurious interior with Howard Becker. The on-board electronics and ride quality are second to none. I hope the new owner gets years of fulfilling use from this sensationally appointed Becker Cadillac ESV."

Per Becker, the original cost was $409,000. In the images, it appears to be in pristine shape. So, while the asking price may put it well out of the affordable range for most people in the market for a new ride, it doesn't appear that they are asking for the moon. Becker released a detailed description of the vehicle as well, which reads as follows.

"20" stretch Cadillac Escalade ESV with lengthened rear doors for ease of entry and exit while keeping a more proportionate exterior appearance. Fully loaded and equipped with the very best home theatre entertainment and mobile office features. Crestron automation system, true 7.1 digital music system with center channel, custom tuned with a Crestron digital audio processor, 43" UHD LCD smart TV screen in electric center divider partition, rear 12" LCD for rear facing passengers, military spec. on board router that is capable of running two SIM cards from different carriers for the very best internet connectivity, fully electric window curtains, fully electric rear facing 3 person bench seat with three point seatbelts built in, two fully electric rear VIP bucket seats with electric leg rests, custom Japanese ash (Tamo) wood veneer folding tables, side consoles and center divider. too much to list! "

Not only is the Escalade expensive but with the upgrades, and the sheer size of the SUV, this isn't a practical daily driver for most. Someone would either need to be a big fan of Sylvester Stallone, or have a very specific use for such a car. As such, they may be dealing with a relatively limited market even before taking the price into account.

As for Sylvester Stallone's career, the actor is staying busy. Aside from working on a director's cut of Rock IV, he is also working on a new movie called Samaritan, as well as trying to get The Expendables 4 together. Stallone most recently starred in Rambo: Last Blood. Those interested can check out the car over at