We reported back in April that John Gotti Jr. is setting up a new feature film based on his life and now it seems an A-list actor could be in talks to portray his legendary father. JoBlo discovered a new TMZ story that reveals Sylvester Stallone has been in talks with Gotti Jr. to portray his father, John Gotti, in a new feature film.

The site is also reporting that the project is moving along smoothly and they are about to find a screenwriter for the project. Our earlier report revealed that Gotti Jr. was looking to tell his story through a documentary and a book along with a narrative feature film, which Stallone is apparently in talks for.

The film will reportedly revolve around Gotti Jr.'s life growing up in the mob family lead by his father and how he also became a leader of the mob. Gotti Jr. put his life of crime to an end in 1999.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further details surrounding this John Gotti film project as soon as we have more information.