Rocky & Rambo: During his press interviews for the new reality series "The Contender", Maxim Magazine got Sylvester Stallone to talk about his prospects for continuing both the Rocky and Rambo franchises...

Has working on (The Contender) gotten you fired up to make Rocky 6?

Stallone: I'm always fired up to make another Rocky. It dawned on me a long time ago that I have this character who's almost autobiographical, so his story can keep going. The character can go places where the actor is in his life. The movies almost become documentaries.

So where is Rocky now?

Stallone: Society says to people, "Step aside; age gracefully." I've never thought there was anything graceful about aging. So I used what George Foreman did with his comeback fight a few years ago as a model. Everyone thought he was a joke, but he followed his own drum.

Since you're still in fighting shape, will Rambo be back, too?

Stallone: There has been movement in that area, yes. Of course, it won't be what you think - not the same Rambo with the headband. In keeping with some sort of believability, he would be passing the torch to a younger generation of high-tech combatants. We're working on an interesting premise where Rambo is brought back from living on a ranch somewhere, and because of his skills in jungle warfare and survival, he's asked to lead a young group in a search-and-rescue mission. They can't believe this decrepit guy is a war hero, but when their technology fails, they see where Rambo excels.