Zack Snyder continues to tease his cut of Justice League on social media. The director has been giving his fans tiny glimpses of hope that his original version of the movie will someday end up in their hands or at a special screening event. However, it looks like Warner Bros. is intent on leaving the past in the rearview mirror after Joss Whedon's took over the wheel and delivered a box office bomb. Fans and critics agree that the movie was a mess from conflicting visions.

Over the holiday weekend, Zack Snyder shared a black and white image of Cyborg in a cemetery. The character is shown pounding the ground at the "family plot." It is believed Cyborg is at his mother's grave and it doesn't look like he's having the best time. Snyder previously shared an image of Cyborg looking at an hallucination of himself with his father and dead mother. It looks like Vic was going to have a pretty emotional story arc in the original version of the movie.

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Zack Snyder famously left Justice League right before the movie was set to go into reshoots to deal with a family tragedy. According to Snyder at the time, Joss Whedon was always going to come on board to help with the reshoots. However, Whedon ended up working on the movie solo and the reshoots ended up taking a lot longer than initially anticipated with a lot of tweaking going on behind-the-scenes and a lot of money being spent. Talks of trouble began to quickly spread as reports started coming in about the troubled production and its new direction without Snyder at the helm.

What fans saw when Justice League hit the big screen was not very close to what Zack Snyder had in mind at all. While his movies in the DCEU have been criticized, fans have been pretty much demanding that the studio release the Snyder Cut, going as far as to start petitions, stage protests, and raise thousands of dollars for suicide prevention to bring attention to the original cut of the movie. All in all, Snyder's fans have been doing a lot of good in the world while standing up for the director's original vision.

Even if Warner Bros. never ends up releasing the Zack Snyder's version of Justice League, the director can rest easy knowing he has a lot of hardcore fans who have helped to bring awareness to a cause that means a lot to him. The studio is currently shifting its focus away from the shared universe and fans are wondering how it's going to work out. So far, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have proven to be huge hits for the studio, so the studio is definitely not struggling at all. You can check out the latest image from the Snyder Cut below, thanks to the Reel Anarchy Twitter account.