Showtime has provided us with the synposis and cast of this week's and next week's Masters of Horrors:

"Pro-Life" - Friday, November 24th at 10 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME

Written by Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan, directed by John Carpenter ( Halloween, The Thing )

A near-accident on an isolated mountain road lands young Angelique (CAITLIN WACHS) in a nearby women s health clinic. As her fervently anti-abortion father Dwayne (RON PERLMAN) and his well-armed three sons attempt to liberate Angelique, she discovers that the only thing more dangerous than her would-be saviors is the demonic seed growing within her. MARK FEUERSTEIN and EMMANUELLE VAUGIER also star.

"Pelts" - Friday, December 1st at 10 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Written by Matt Venne and directed by Dario Argento ( Suspiria, Terror at the Opera )

Fur trader Jake Feldman (MEATLOAF) knows that you can t make a coat without breaking a few animals necks. In his pursuit to make the perfect fur coat to win over a woman, Feldman steals supernatural raccoon pelts that violently turn against those that covet them. The skin trade gets a whole new twist in this Giallo-style adaptation of F. Paul Wilson s short story. JOHN SAXON also stars.