Huge Terminator 3 news for all your cyborg lovers! Thanks to a tipster over at Ain't It Cool, we've received the very first production stills from Terminator 3!!! Click on an image to enlarge:{@IMG:2OwnetsViUTwhNmtSHfIRrs5aYlAjO|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:IPd8IlXkqW4GOsXdmUQb4kMQabKeIv|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:d8RXa4cqS7OC4YKgSnhpUWCOatALQp|Movie [email protected]}Even though I'm still very skeptical about this movie, these images are VERY intriguing!!!
Movie Picture

As if the Terminator news wasn't enough we have some great stills of Reign Of Fire for you to feast your eyes on!

CLICK HERE for image one.

CLICK HERE for image two.

CLICK HERE for image three.

And if you never got a peek at the Reign Of Fire poster, CLICK HERE to check it out!!! How about some concept art? Wanna see? CLICK HERE

Stay tuned...~Brian