T3: A number of tipsters have contacted me this morning with news that the crew of Rise of the Machines have taken over a section of Lankershim Boulevard in the "NoHo Art's District" of glorious (Ugh) North Hollywood. I'm told that they were doing take after take of the TX (or Terminatrix as I like to call her) driving Northbound on Lankershim in one of those sexy new Lexus convertibles. This is all taking place somewhere near the intersection of Lankershim and Magnolia Blvd. The crew are wearing badges that say "York Square," as was leaked to us month's ago. Big shows like this always attempt to use code names to throw off the public. It didn't work on The Burly Man (The Matrix Reloaded), and it won't work here, either.

Security is pretty lax, and there are signs at the roadblocks that read, "businesses are open." What does this all mean? It means that you are allowed to walk around the shooting zone on Lankershim! If any of you live close by, send us some pics and we'll love you forever...

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Thanks to: TDoGG and MrBlond

Hulk: This comes in from a tipster who happened upon the set of the big green guy. "The crew of Hulk have been in the Sequoia National Park recently shooting some scenes in which Jennifer Connelly is attacked by animals- I couldn't see what they were because they're being added digitally, but I guess they are the genetically engineered Hulkdogs I read about in the review, because whatever it was supposed to be, it had to be BIG"... By the way: Another code word for a big film... Hulk

is going by "Big Green"... Yeah. That doesn't give it away.

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