Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion are reuniting as the vocal leads of Warner Brother's next animated DC Comics feature Wonder Woman. TV Guide spoke to the two stars about their involvement with the film. Additionally, the Batman fan-website Legions of Gotham has scans of the character designs for the film.

The film will be an origin story for the Amazon princess and how she ends up in Man's World. "She's a true, strong warrior, but she's also right at the break of being a young woman standing on her own and fighting out in the world," Russell says. She continues, "This story is funny and action-packed and adult in a nice way. Then they said Nathan Fillion was playing opposite me, and that made it that much better."

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Russell and Fillion co-starred together in Waitress, and in Wonder Woman Fillion voices Air Force pilot Steve Trevor. It is due to Trevor's crash landing onto the Amazonian island Thymescara that Princess Diana ventures into the outside world. "What I like about Steve Trevor is that he's a very real guy," Fillion says. "He's very honest and he's very natural. He doesn't apologize for much. And he's about as normal as a guy can be while hanging out with Wonder Woman."

To see the character designs for the film CLICK HERE

The cast also features Virginia Madsen as Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta; Rosario Dawson as Diana's Amazon rival Artemis; and Alfred Molina as Ares, the film's villain and the Greek god of war.