Taken 3 rounded out the Taken trilogy last year, and though it did well at the box office, it wasn't really received very well by anyone, be it fans or critics. The law of diminishing returns, at least on the quality side of things, caught up with the franchise, but it did make money, so is there a chance we are going to see Taken 4 at some point? According to Liam Neeson, absolutely not.

The actor recently appeared on The Late Show in order to promote his upcoming movie A Monster Calls, which is getting some very positive buzz ahead of its release. Stephen Colbert found some time to ask him about the possibility of Taken 4 happening at some point, and Liam Neeson makes it clear that there is absolutely no chance of that, at least to his knowledge. Here is what he had to say.

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"No, there's not. There's only so many times your daughter can be taken. Actually if we do have another it will be, 'Please can you take my daughter'?"

Jokes aside, Liam Neeson has a good point. The first Taken was met with relatively mixed reception from critics but action movie fans absolutely loved it. The movie had a very simple premise and surrounded that premise with a somewhat unconventional action hero with a ton of great action and one very memorable speech. The problem with both Taken 2 and Taken 3 is that they both rehashed the concept of antagonist Bryan Mills having his daughter abducted. At some point, he just becomes a terrible father for letting this happen, instead of an excellent one for saving her. So it makes complete sense that Taken 4 won't happen.

That said, the Taken franchise is going to continue. NBC has picked up the Taken TV show, which will explore the origins of Liam Neeson's character Bryan Mills and how he got his start in the CIA. The Fifth Element director Luc Besson, who produced and co-wrote the script for Taken, is serving as an Executive Producer on the series. Assuming the show finds some success, it is entirely possible that another movie could be made featuring Clive Standen, who is playing a younger version of Bryan Mills. Or if the series is successful it could inspire the studio to move ahead with another Taken movie without Liam Neeson, which happened with the Transporter franchise when Ed Skrein took over for Jason Statham in The Transporter Refueled.

To date, the three movies in the Taken franchise have made nearly $1 billion worldwide and they cost comparatively very little to make. So despite fans' feelings and despite the fact that Liam Neeson won't be doing Taken 4, there could still be another Taken movie if there is money to be made. You can check out the clip from The Late Show for yourself below.