Many theories have been bantered about concerning the death of Princess Diana, ten years ago this month. The Lifetime Original Movie, The Murder of Princess Diana, delves into the heart of her death in this fictional story based on the horrendous car crash that took the life of Diana. American journalist Rachel Visco (Jennifer Morrison) has a tip that something big is about to happen. While she doesn't cover celebrity stories, she is interested in Diana's efforts to ban land mines. So she takes off for Paris to see what she can find.

Rachel happens to be on the back of a motorcycle that is following Diana when the Princess' car enters the tunnel. In a few seconds she hears the crash and witnesses the aftermath. Something doesn't make sense to her. The police immediately arrest all the paparazzi in the area and impound their film, but her friend manages to sneak his roll of film to her before being arrested. Rachel interviews several eye-witnesses and tells the police what really happened, but they are not interested in her story.

Knowing that something is not right with the incident, Rachel enlists the aid of Thomas Sylvestre (Gregori Derangere) her former boyfriend who is an inspector in the French police. After a little questioning, Thomas is also convinced that things are being covered up. Rachel's theory is that Diana was pregnant and the idea of a Muslim half-brother to the future King of England was too much for the Royal family. But there are too many things that don't add up, and one by one her contacts disappear. And, the roll of film uncovers something that the police are not concerned about. Rachel and Thomas soon realize their own lives are in danger.

This is an interesting movie that will have viewers talking. The theory that Diana was pregnant has been discussed through the years, and her relationship with Dodi Fayed has also been a topic in discussions. Ten years ago the most famous woman in the world was killed, and speculations about her death will go on for many years to come. With a new inquest scheduled, this is one subject that will remain front page news for a long time. Like the death of President Kennedy, there are many theories about what happened to Diana.

Jennifer Morrison does a wonderful job as the journalist hot on the trail of the facts. It is an engaging story that viewers will enjoy. The movie premiers Saturday, August 25 at 9 PM ET/PT on Lifetime.